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Corpus Christi, Texas

​ Call us at (361) 461-7451 to discuss your roofing project.

You must comply if you want to insure your house, your home, or your business.

  Remember: No Code Compliance = No WPI-8 Certificate = No Windstorm Insurance coverage for your                               home

Then call Israel Trevino Roof and Home Repair at (361) 461-7451 to replace or to repair your old roof. We are a Texas Windstorm Contractor who specializes in Texas Windstorm Compliance for roofs, exterior doors, windows, siding, and chimney chase. Our work is inspected by a Texas Department of Insurance Inspectors or a Texas Windstorm Appointed Engineer for code compliance and for your benefit.

The Texas Department of Insurance mandates that you install pre-approved roofing shingles, siding, doors, and windows from their Production Evaluation Index on your home.

Dear Homeowner,

Did you receive a shocking letter from your Texas Windstorm Insurance Company demanding that you repair your home or replace your roof or else they will cancel your windstorm insurance coverage or maybe, it's just time to replace your old roof?

Attention Homeowner!

Texas Department of Insurance